ENT Medico legal Expert in Leeds

ENT Medico legal Expert in LeedsOften, the only way a medical malpractice or personal injury claim can be settled is through an ENT Medico legal expert in Leeds. Professor Tim Woolford’s specialities are ear, nose and throat surgery as well as nasal reconstructive surgery. During his twenty years of practice as an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist and surgeon, 18 have included medico-legal experience providing expert testimony for claimant and defendant through written and courtroom testimony. He is honoured to be the recipient of a 2018 Annual Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Award. While he enjoys a busy practice, he is always willing to discuss solicitors cases and determine if expert testimony would clarify issues.

When you call in an expert to testify to the validity of a claim, the worthiness of the expert is validated by his or her professional standing, accomplishments, education and experience. As an expert serving solicitors in Leeds, ENT medico legal expert has served his profession in leadership positions. He has served on the committee on cosmetic surgery and examiner in Otorhinolaryngology head & neck surgery for the Royal College of Surgeons, served as past president of ENT Facial Plastic Surgery Society and President Elect of the section of Rhinology and Laryngology for the Royal Society of Medicine and much more. Professor Woolford is in private practice and also serves the University Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Manchester Royal Infirmary and Spire Manchester Hospital as a consultant. He holds an honorary clinical chair at Edge Hill University.

His vast experience, considerable standing in the professional community and dedication to his chosen field are the hallmarks of an ENT medico legal expert in Leeds. His knowledge is the result of immersion in my profession on every level for many years. When you need clarity, understanding and clinical jargon translated into layman’s terms.in the cause for justice due your client, contact Professor Tim Woolford. He can offer the understanding and guidance to bring out the truth as your ENT medico legal expert. Once decision makers understand the way ear, nose and throat work naturally, during surgery and after surgery the stronger their foundation for reaching a decision.

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