Ent Medico Legal Expert In Edinburgh

Ent Medico Legal Expert In EdinburghWhen you need a clear, concise opinion, consult the right ENT medico legal expert in Edinburgh. Professor Tim Woodford MD FRCS (ORL – HNS) provides expert medical opinion in legal cases that can help solicitors to present a robust case backed by the right evidence. All reports are based on a clear understanding and compliance with Civil Procedure Rules. Prof Woodford can also help with professional discussions at no extra cost so that cases can move forward smoothly.

With more than two decades’ experience in this sector, a medico legal expert like Prof Woodford offers the benefit of his specialised knowledge to clients. In Edinburgh, ENT medico legal experts are usually called upon to give their professional opinion, conduct otolaryngology tests and assessments in legal cases. These situations may arise in civil disputes and personal injury claims. Professional reports provided by Prof Woodford are documents that help to provide proof of disability, or injury in civil claims. We ensure that the reports are relevant and based on the latest testing methods in the field. The reports are available keeping costs and affordability in mind, so that a wider population can benefit from such expertise and experience. We can quickly gauge your requirements, consult with clients and understand their issues and injuries and deliver an objective professional report.

ENT medico legal experts in Edingburgh are available when and where you need them. They can help in case preparation, provide preliminary reports at short notice, provide detailed reports on evaluations and tests conducted, appear in court for interrogations, depositions, testimony. Contact us for more information. Prof Woodford can ensure that all parties concerned gain a thorough understanding of the issues involved and also the relevant facts regarding healthcare delivery systems. Clients may have experienced various types of hearing loss, ear diseases, throat and nasal complaints, various types of tumours and they may also require special devices to help them overcome their disabilities. Whether they require major surgery or help with recovering from injuries sustained in accidents, we can help them to present the necessary evidence.

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